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 Welcome to Review Community Theatre our brand new website for promoting and reviewing events in the New Zealand Community Theatre world.

The success of this new site is in the hands of all supporters of theatre in NZ. Register as a user and take advantage of this new avenue to promote your productions!

There are several features on this site that are accessible from along the very top of each page that you can use for promoting theatre events:

All aspects of the site are subject to moderation in order to keep the site happy and focused on its mission, which is:

 to give the general public of New Zealand a first-stop portal for accessing all information about theatres and theatre events around New Zealand, and to provide an easy means for reviews about events to be published.

As such there may be a delay between when you contribute something and when it appears on the site.

If you encounter any issues when using this new website please draw my attention to the issue.

David Murray
(site administrator)