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Writers, Composers, Agents

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber (2,656)
    The personal website for Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • (2,536)
    Set up and managed by the Australian Script Centre in collaboration with PlayWriting Australia, Currency Press and Playlab Press, offers the combined catalogues of our project partners together in one place. We also distribute titles from a range of casual suppliers and welcome enquiries from publishers, theatrical agents and theatre companies interested in our distribution service.
  • Karen Kay Management Actors Agency (940)
    The Karen Kay Management team are highly experienced Actors Agents in the film and television industry. Karen Kay Management specialize in finding the most appropriate actors for performances in film, television, advertising, theatre and musical productions.
  • Play Bureau NZ Ltd (641)
    For over forty years Play Bureau NZ Ltd have been privileged to represent a number of the major publishing houses of the world and, in that time, have on their behalf distributed and licensed to customers within New Zealand some of the finest and most successful plays that are available anywhere.
  • Playmarket (686)
    Playmarket is New Zealand's only playwrights' agency & script advisory service.
  • Plays by Devon Williamson (671)
    Devon Williamson is a New Zealand playwright who has been working full-time in the theatre and related industries for 17 years, and is employed by the Detour Theatre Trust to direct and tutor theatre.
  • Playwrights Association of New Zealand Inc (709)
    Playwrights Association of New Zealand Inc. was formed in 1958 to foster the writing of plays through Play-writing Seminars, Workshops, Competitions, Play Assessments and newsletters and to foster links between playwright members.
  • Samuel French - Play Publishers and Authors' Representatives (776)
    NOTE: (from their Conditions page) "Samuel French, Inc. makes no guarantee of any specific result from use of this Site or use of any services offered by Samuel French, Inc.."