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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 @ 06:07 am NZST
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AUDITIONS: The Raft, directed by Jacqui Coogan, The Otaki Players

The Raft
Written by Carl Nixon
Performed by The Otaki Players
Directed by Jacqui Coogan
Season: 7-10, & 14-16 April 2011 (start times unknown - presumably 8pm?)
Venue: The “Civic Theatre”, Otaki

Audition Date: Sun 13th February 2011 from 7pm
Audition venue: The “Civic Theatre”

“THE RAFT” by Carl Nixon

This is a bold drama that gets into the nitty gritty of a family dealing with a deep personal tragedy. It examines the need to 'let go' and the consequences of not.
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Khandallah Arts Theatre: The Ugly Duckling Strikes Back

The Ugly Duckling Strikes Back
Written by Carl Nixon
Performed by Khandallah Arts Theatre
Directed by Mary Collie-Holmes & Michelle Soper
Season: 5-6 & 11-13 February 2011. Saturdays & Sundays at 4pm & 6pm, Friday at 6pm
Venue: Khandallah Park

[rating: 20110131184333654 1 5 53]

“I wish I knew what I’m good at and where I belong.”

Popular Kiwi children’s playwright Carl Nixon takes the Ugly Duckling on a hilarious journey of discovery during which she meets three French frogs, a hunter and his dog, and a vacuum cleaner salesman. By the end of this delightful romp the Ugly Duckling finds out who she really is and gets her revenge on her sibling tormentors.

KAT’s 11th summer play in Khandallah Park is an hour of laughter and audience participation, spiced up with a little bit of pathos, a smidgen of anxiety and a song or two.
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Stagecraft Wellington: That Face

That Face
Written by UK playwright Polly Stenham
Performed by Stagecraft Theatre Wellington
Directed by Iona Anderson
Season: 6-16 April 2011
Venue: Gryphon Theatre , 22 Ghuznee Street , Te Aro, Wellington

[rating: 20110130193748735 1 5 53]

“Shatteringly powerful- a remarkable and unforgettable piece of theatre”

That Face

Written by UK playwright, Polly Stenham.
Directed for Stagecraft by Iona Anderson.
6 – 16 April
At the Gryphon Theatre , 22 Ghuznee Street , central Wellington

“Mia is at Boarding school. She has access to drugs. They are Martha’s. Henry is preparing for art college. He has access to alcohol. From Martha. Martha controls his life. Martha is their mother”

Hugh was married to Martha. They had two children: Mia and Henry. When Hugh left, it all began to turn to custard…
Henry finished school early to take care of their mother who lives in a haze of alcohol and pills. Now Mia, sent to boarding school - as much to keep her out of the way, as for her education - has been suspended after an ‘initiation prank’ went seriously wrong. Summoned by the authorities, Hugh returns to ‘sort it all out’; but when no-one wants to let go of what they crave, ‘sorting it out’ isn’t as easy as simply opening a cheque book…

“Remarkably confident and exuberantly theatrical. Crammed with startling images, ferocious cruelty and pitch-black humour, it is insolent, audacious, witty and wise.” (The Times)
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Stagecraft Wellington: A Dolls House

Stagecraft Theatre presents

“A Doll’s House”,
by Henrik Ibsen, translated by William Archer,
Directed by Kerina Deas
Performed by Stagecraft Theatre Wellington
Season: 16 – 19 Feb at 8 pm, 20 Feb at 3 pm, 22 – 23 Feb at 6.30 pm, and 24 – 26 Feb at 8 pm.
Venue: Gryphon Theatre, Ghuznee St, Wellington,

[rating: 20101224085632630 1 5 53]

Ibsen’s classic masterpiece

What would you do if you found out all you believed to be true was a lie?
Would you have the courage to change your life?
Or would you close your eyes and pretend it was never so?

The Doll’s House traces the awakening of Nora Helmer from her previously unexamined life of domestic, wifely comfort.

Having been ruled her whole life by either her father or her husband Torvald, Nora finally comes to question the foundation of everything she has believed in, once her marriage is put to the test.

Set in the rapidly changing but paternal society of the 1900's, this compelling Ibsen classic still reverberates in society today.

A Doll’s House is on at the Gryphon Theatre (Gryphon on Ghuznee),
22 Ghuznee Street and runs as follows:

16 – 19 Feb – 8 pm
20 Feb - 3 pm
22 – 23 Feb – 6.30 pm
24 – 26 Feb – 8 pm

Tickets are $22 waged, $20 unwaged, $18 for groups of 10 or more. 2 for $22 night Thursday 17 Feb. Please note booking/delivery fees may apply.

Bookings, ph 0508iticket (0508 484253) or book online at
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Tauranga Repertory: Sexy Laundry (updated)

Sexy Laundry
A comedy written by Michele Riml (Canadian)
Performed by Tauranga Repertory Society,
Directed by Merv Beets
Venue: 16th Avenue Theatre, Tauranga
Season: 23-27 & 30-31 March, 1-3 & 6-9 April 2011 (Wed to Sat @ 8pm, Sun at 2pm, doors opening 1 hour earlier)

[rating: 20101226120406412 1 5 53]

Following a sold out NZ Premiere season in Howick Auckland, Tauranga Repertory Society presents Sexy Laundry, a wonderful comedy by Canadian Michele Rimi.
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AUDITIONS: Proof, directed by James Bell, Shoreside Theatre

Written by David Auburn
Performed by Shoreside Theatre, Takapuna, Auckland
Directed by James Bell
Season: 22-30 April 2011

Audition Date: 05 February 2011 between 3:30pm - 6:30pm
Audition Location: The Pumphouse Theatre
Killarney Park, Takapuna, Auckland.

Proof is a Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning drama by David Auburn.

Catherine is the daughter of a recently deceased mathematical genius and professor at a nearby University. Catherine has cared for her father through a lengthy mental illness. Upon her father's death a paradigm-shifting proof about prime numbers is discovered in her father's office. Catherine claims authorship - but is she really capable of the calibre of work required?

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Centrestage Theatre, Auckland: Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar
Music by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Performed by Centre Stage Theatre, Orewa, Auckland
Directed and choreographed by Rhonda Daverne
Musical director: Andrew Christie
Vocal Coach: Beverley Brockelbank
Season: 12 March - 24 March 2011

[rating: 2011012410315590 1 5 53]

This popular “rock opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber (music) and Tim Rice (lyrics) began in 1971 as a hit song, and then was a concept album, followed by unauthorized concert versions in major cities, then finally a London stage musical. It remained on the boards for a record 720 performances and is still a popular choice for community theatres today..

It was one of the first of its kind to break with the tradition of the musical stage production by incorporating rock music into the classical opera genre. Like opera, it is a form that advances the plot through songs, with few or no spoken parts. The rock element pertains to the music and choreography of the piece, but in the case of Jesus Christ Superstar, it also contributed the theme and protagonist of the play in the form of the rock star.
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Auditions: 1984, directed by Syd Mannion, Mairangi Players UPDATED

Adapted for stage by Alan Lyddiard
Based on the novel by George Orwell
Performed by the Mairangi Players
Directed by Syd Mannion
Season: 1–16 April 2011
Auditions: 2pm, Sun 30 January 2011, at TheatreWorks, Recreation Drive, Birkenhead.

Synopsis: 1984 is a powerful examination of what might have been – and may still be. It is a work of fiction, not prophesy. It is an extrapolation of the history and political philosophies of the early twentieth century - Francisco Franco’s “New State”, Hitler’s Third Reich and Leninist and Stalinist Communist Russia. This will be a complex multi- media production merging live performance with pre- recorded video and audio.

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Auditions: Old Tyme Music Hall, Directed by Ewen Coleman, Wellington Repertory

Old Tyme Music Hall
Performed by Wellington Repertory Theatre
Directed by Ewen Coleman
Season 14 April - 21 April 2011

Audition times: Sun 6 February 2011 from 2pm,
Audition Venue: Newtown Community Centre Theatre, Colombo Street, Newtown

Our first production for the year will be an eloquent and persuasive exposition of lyrical and comic endeavor, designed to titillate, invigorate, ameliorate, billingsgate, circumstantiate, concelebrate and educate audiences young and old.
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Mana Little Theatre: Men At Arms

Men At Arms
By Terry Pratchett
Adapted for stage by Stephen Briggs
Performed by Mana Little Theatre
Directed by Tony Tait
Season: 6-16 April 2011
Venue: 9 Sunset Parade, Plimmerton
Ticket Price: $20 (concession prices also available)

[rating: 2011012221481678 1 5 53]

As with all Terry Pratchett stories, the plot is a little complicated. It is primarily concerned with the expansion of the Night Watch to include Trolls, Dwarfs and a Werewolf. The invention of the Gonne (Gun) by Leonard of Quirm. The death of a clown. The marriage of Vimes and Lady ramkin. The desire, as usual, by the city’s nobles to replace The Patrician by means most foul, and the not always innocent involvement of the Guilds of Clowns and Assassins.