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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 @ 05:59 am NZST
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What is Community Theatre


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What is Community Theatre?

Now that we have a website dedicated to helping people to promote their "Community Theatre" events and facilitating reviews of those events, I though that it would be a good idea to define what "Community Theatre" is.

According to Wikipedia the scope of "Community Theatre" is very broad indeed.

Community theatre refers to theatrical performance made in relation to particular communities - its usage includes theatre made by, with, and for a community. It may refer to:

  • theatre that is made entirely by a community with no outside help, or
  • to a collaboration between community members and professional theatre artists, or
  • to performance made entirely by professionals that is addressed to a particular community.
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FAQ: How to contribute to this website


FAQ: I wish to contribute to this website. How should I go about doing so

This site has been set up in order to enable the following:

  1. for Community Theatres to promote your events to the General Public and to the wider Community Theatre world in New Zealand
  2. for people to be able to post reviews of those events
  3. for people to be able to contribute new stores or informative articles about  the Community Theatre scene in New Zealand, or about any aspect of the craft of acting, and
  4. for registered users to be able to discuss the content of this website via comments.