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Tuesday, 18 May 2021 @ 04:13 am NZST
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How To contibute Reviews


How To Review A Show

This website allows you to publish and read reviews of performances.

To do so:

  1. Register on this site as a user. Enter a user-name and your email address. Allow the Site Administrator a day or two to see your registration and activate it. You should be sent an email containing your new password. I strongly suggest that you change your password to something new as soon as you've successfully logged on for the first time
  2. You are now registered
  3. Browse through the "Opening Soon, Onstage Now, or Archive topics, click on the story about the show that you saw.
  4. When the show's details open there should be an option near the top of the page for you to view or add a review. Select the "Add" option.
  5. Write your review and submit. It's that easy!
  6. If that option isn't available try adding a comment to the story.
  7. Alternatively if your review isn't about a play that already has a story on this site you can submit a news story of your own as a "special review". Within reason I'll accept any review about any play regardless of which theatre company has put on the play. They must be, however, about a play performed within New Zealand. It must be written by you and must not be defamatory in any way.
  8. The review or comment or story then gets sent to the site moderator who will check it to make sure it's OK to be uploaded onto the website (usually I'll get to it the same day, but sometimes it may be up to a couple or three days if I'm very busy. This vetting is to prevent uncontrolled automated spammy rubbish from being added to the site)
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Theatre People 1: The Production Manager/Producer


There are a number of excellent short articles over on the website of the American Association of Community Theatre.

This is the first in a series of extracts from those articles, with a link to the original so that if you want to read more you can get to the entire article.

The first one is about the role of The Production Manager/Producer.

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SPECIAL REVIEW: That Face, Stagecraft Theatre, Wellington. April 2011

SPECIAL REVIEW: That Face, Stagecraft Theatre, Wellington. April 2011
Performed by Stagecraft Theatre, Wellington
Directed by Iona Anderson
Season: 6-16 April 2011
Reviewed by: Ewen Coleman
Review Date: 13 April 2011

Dysfunctional families appear to be in vogue at the moment as subject matter for plays but few can be as dysfunctional as that of Martha and Hugh and their children in Polly Stenhams’s play That Face.

Hugh (John Chalmers) has decided to opt out of this well-to-do middle class family and is now living in Hong Kong with a new wife. He has put his rebellious daughter Mia (Annabel Harris) into a posh boarding school, pays for his son Henry (Dan Connolly) to attend art school and checks his pill-popping, alcoholic wife Martha (Petra Donnison) into a clinic.
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Review: All the jokes, songs and twists alive in Spamalot (2009)

Given the up coming production of Spamalot by Showbiz Christchurch in April 2011 I thought that you might want to read a review of the New Zealand Premiere Performance of Spamalot as performed by the Manawatu Theatre Society in 2009.

By Monty Python.
Performed by the Manawatu Theatre Society
Directed by Scott Andrew.
Reviewed by LEE MATTHEWS (Manawatu Standard)
Review Date: 20/11/2009

What, as King Arthur comments, an eccentric performance! And what a great show.

Cast and crew of the Manawatu Theatre Society pulled out all the stops last night with the New Zealand premiere of Monty Python's Spamalot.

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How To Review A Show - a short potted how-to guide


So you want to contribute a review?

Please consider the following points when writing your contribution:

  • Include the who, what, where, when.
  • Write about the casting. Was it well cast or poorly cast? Who were the students/people that were cast? Why do you think they cast it the way they did?
  • Write about the plot. Include a plot description! (If you need help, you can look for one online). Was the plot interesting? Boring? Sad? Funny? Romantic?
  • Consider the theme of the show. What elements make up that theme?
  • Think about the style of the play. How can you tell the type of style this play has? Is there more than one style choice?
  • Comment on the costumes. Did they fit the character? Who designed them?
  • Comment on the set. Does the set add something extra to the play? Who designed/worked on the set? Make sure to give credit!
  • Comment on the lighting and sound. Was there any aspect (good or bad) that made you notice it? What sort of mood did it create, and how well did it support the performance?
  • Talk about the director(s). Try to get an in with them.
  • Discuss memorable quotes. List several examples and explanations into why they are memorable.
  • Give your own opinion. Say what you like and don't like about the play and maybe suggest some improvements.

Add the review to this site either by contributing it as a page in its own right or by clicking on the "add" link near the top of a page about a performance.

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What is Community Theatre


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What is Community Theatre?

Now that we have a website dedicated to helping people to promote their "Community Theatre" events and facilitating reviews of those events, I though that it would be a good idea to define what "Community Theatre" is.

According to Wikipedia the scope of "Community Theatre" is very broad indeed.

Community theatre refers to theatrical performance made in relation to particular communities - its usage includes theatre made by, with, and for a community. It may refer to:

  • theatre that is made entirely by a community with no outside help, or
  • to a collaboration between community members and professional theatre artists, or
  • to performance made entirely by professionals that is addressed to a particular community.