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AUDITIONS: Serial Killers, directed by Iona Anderson, Stagecraft Wellington

Serial Killers
Written by James Griffin
Produced by Stagecraft Theatre
Directed by Iona Anderson
Season: 19 - 29 September 2012
Performance Venue: The Gryphon Theatre, Ghuznee St, Wellington
Audition Dates: Sat 30 June and Sun 1 July 2012
Audition Venue: enquiries to Iona Anderson

From the co- author of “Outrageous Fortune” and “The Almighty Johnsons” comes ... “SERIAL KILLERS”

This cleverly written, mercurial comedy follows a week in the lives of the six writers of Heart of Hearts, a TV medical soap-opera.

As the play opens, the writers of Heart of Hearts are thinking up a dramatic and gripping way to be rid of one of the characters, heart-throb surgeon Dr. Robert Gilligan.
However the actor who plays the role of Dr Gilligan doesn't want to be written out - Heart of Hearts has become his life. Unable to cope with the death of his character, he takes the writers hostage and, as he demands that they change the script, the soap opera becomes all too real ... Interspersed between the editorial room scenes, are scenes from Heart of Hearts itself - acted by the same writers taking the roles of their soap opera alter-egos. As they play out the ever more ludicrous stories of lies, lust, betrayal and revenge it is evident that the lines between art and life are becoming increasingly blurred.

This play offers its actors a real challenge in multi-tasking as they swap between roles, and for the crew to enable the dual situations to be clear, and for all to enable the comedy to be offered as well as it is written.

19 - 29 September 2012

Pauline: 30s – 40s, Story editor, Co-creator of Heart of Hearts. Ex-wife of Alan. Pauline bustles, organises and rarely makes mistakes. Also plays the role of Nurse Sophie
Simone: 30’s, Storyliner. Ex-nurse. Sure of herself and her appeal to others. Also plays the character of Nurse Jane.
Elaine: 20’s, Junior Storyliner. Gentle hearted, enthusiastic and lively. Also seen as Dr Louise Strong.
Sally: 40s – 50s, Producer of Heart of Hearts. Easily irritated, trying to maintain control of the writers. Also plays the role of Laura, Head of Admin.
Alan: 40s - 50s, Senior writer, Co-creator of Heart of Hearts. Ex-husband of Pauline. Cynical with en eye for the ladies. Also seen as the character of Ned, the cleaner.
Matt: 20s - 30s, Storyliner. Ambitious, has a dry sense of humour. Also plays the character of Darius Walgrove, Head of the unit.
Andrew Lomas: 20’s, Good looking and believes implicitly in his role – that of heart throb surgeon Dr Robert Gilligan.

‘Serial Killers’ won New Zealand writer James Griffin the 2000 Chapman Tripp Award for Best New Writer. It has been performed by major NZ theatre companies and in the UK and Australia.

James Griffin’s other writing credits include: Gloss, Being Eve, Street Legal, Mercy Peak, Shortland Street, and more recently co-creating the movie ‘Siones Wedding’.

AUDITIONS will be held Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July 2012.

For a booking or more information please contact the director Iona Anderson on 04 4758 434

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