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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 @ 06:37 am NZST

How To Review A Show - a short potted how-to guide


So you want to contribute a review?

Please consider the following points when writing your contribution:

  • Include the who, what, where, when.
  • Write about the casting. Was it well cast or poorly cast? Who were the students/people that were cast? Why do you think they cast it the way they did?
  • Write about the plot. Include a plot description! (If you need help, you can look for one online). Was the plot interesting? Boring? Sad? Funny? Romantic?
  • Consider the theme of the show. What elements make up that theme?
  • Think about the style of the play. How can you tell the type of style this play has? Is there more than one style choice?
  • Comment on the costumes. Did they fit the character? Who designed them?
  • Comment on the set. Does the set add something extra to the play? Who designed/worked on the set? Make sure to give credit!
  • Comment on the lighting and sound. Was there any aspect (good or bad) that made you notice it? What sort of mood did it create, and how well did it support the performance?
  • Talk about the director(s). Try to get an in with them.
  • Discuss memorable quotes. List several examples and explanations into why they are memorable.
  • Give your own opinion. Say what you like and don't like about the play and maybe suggest some improvements.

Add the review to this site either by contributing it as a page in its own right or by clicking on the "add" link near the top of a page about a performance.

NOTE: Please use the same Creative Commons License that I use for my contributions unless you have a specific requirement to use some other copyright licensing arrangement.


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