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How To contibute Reviews


How To Review A Show

This website allows you to publish and read reviews of performances.

To do so:

  1. Register on this site as a user. Enter a user-name and your email address. Allow the Site Administrator a day or two to see your registration and activate it. You should be sent an email containing your new password. I strongly suggest that you change your password to something new as soon as you've successfully logged on for the first time
  2. You are now registered
  3. Browse through the "Opening Soon, Onstage Now, or Archive topics, click on the story about the show that you saw.
  4. When the show's details open there should be an option near the top of the page for you to view or add a review. Select the "Add" option.
  5. Write your review and submit. It's that easy!
  6. If that option isn't available try adding a comment to the story.
  7. Alternatively if your review isn't about a play that already has a story on this site you can submit a news story of your own as a "special review". Within reason I'll accept any review about any play regardless of which theatre company has put on the play. They must be, however, about a play performed within New Zealand. It must be written by you and must not be defamatory in any way.
  8. The review or comment or story then gets sent to the site moderator who will check it to make sure it's OK to be uploaded onto the website (usually I'll get to it the same day, but sometimes it may be up to a couple or three days if I'm very busy. This vetting is to prevent uncontrolled automated spammy rubbish from being added to the site)

The more people write and contribute reviews about plays the greater visibility your theatres will have on the WWW.

A personal suggestion is that if you want your theatre company's play to be reviewed you should contact another theatre company and offer to review their play(s). That way we all get to learn from each other's work and get to receive feedback about our own work. :)

Now get along to some of these shows and get reviewing!

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