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Sunday, 24 February 2019 @ 03:48 pm NZDT

Auditions: Ice Glen, directed by Jan Saussey. Howick Little Theatre

Auditions: Ice Glen
Written by Joan Ackermann
Performed by Howick Little Theatre
Directed by Jan Saussey
Season: 07-28 May 2011 (16 performances)
First rehearsal: Sunday 20 March 2011
Auditions: Sunday, March 6, 2pm, at Howick Little Theatre

Set in the autumn of 1919 in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts, close to the Ice Glen (an actual place), this play combines warm humour with the power of underlying emotions that invite us to ponder the nature of beauty, the purpose of art, the privacy of personal expression, the artist's responsibility to the world, and other mysteries of the human heart. The story that emerges is suspenseful, poignant, and ultimately highly satisfying.

The events centre around an "earthy, fiery" woman, Sarah Harding - a gardener and poet living on a Berkshire "cottage" estate. Residing in this rather eccentric household are the widowed lady of the house, an Irish cook, a chauffeur/butler/handyman, and a childlike young man. Into their circle comes the editor of Atlantic Magazine, who wants to publish Sarah's poems. As typically happens in literature, this intruder into a stable circle precipitates conflict and crisis. Critics have called this 2003 play "A lovely play which will leave you with a lot to think about"; "Beautifully written - a story of nature and change"; "Funny, moving and witty."

GRAYSON: late 50s, the butler/chauffeur, gracious and kind, grounded with a philosophic wisdom.

DENBY: 20s-30s. An endearing boy-man with the temperament of a 10-year-old. Lively, cheerful and engaging, but simple. Challenging character role that must reveal innocence and naivete.

MRS ROSWELL: 50s, the cook/housemaid, Irish, blunt, feisty. Potential for tight-lipped comedy.

SARAH HARDING: late 30s, poet and gardener, reclusive, earthy, fiery, willful. An ethereal untamed spirit drawn more to the animals in her environment than the humans around her.

DULCE BAINBRIDGE: late 30s, genteel, pretty, recently widowed. A demanding role that portrays vulnerability, loss, pain, desire, eagerness, stupidity, and anger and often within moments.

PETER WOODBURN: 40s, an editor, handsome, intellectual. A persuasive and determined lover of words, art and expressions of beauty, who causes quite a stir!

Perusal scripts and audition pieces are available from the HLT office: or phone Kathy on 534-1406 for a copy. Please return perusal scripts promptly.

Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm and on Sundays at a time to be agreed upon by cast and crew. First rehearsal: Sunday, March 20.
Performances start/finish: May 7-28 for 16 performances.

The Director: Jan Saussey
Jan is delighted to direct again for HLT - "My home suburb ..." Previous successful productions she directed were Quartet (Best Production, 2003), the sell-out production of Secret Bridesmaids' Business, the stunningly visual Enchanted April, and two years ago Soulmates.

Jan is hailed as an "actor's director" - a title she has earned from over 35 years' producing and directing stage productions, casting actors - both children and adults - for stage, feature films, TV commercials and doco-dramas. Jan is semi-retired, but continues her work as an acting coach and a casting agent.
For further information, Jan can be contacted on 625 4109, or 027 457 9999 or email

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