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FAQ: How to contribute to this website


FAQ: I wish to contribute to this website. How should I go about doing so

This site has been set up in order to enable the following:

  1. for Community Theatres to promote your events to the General Public and to the wider Community Theatre world in New Zealand
  2. for people to be able to post reviews of those events
  3. for people to be able to contribute new stores or informative articles about  the Community Theatre scene in New Zealand, or about any aspect of the craft of acting, and
  4. for registered users to be able to discuss the content of this website via comments.

All New User requests need to be vetted before being activated (so that spam and other internet nasties can be minimized). That should take too long for me to do and then you'll be up and running as a registered user of Review Community Theatre.

If you register as a user you'll be able to post comments (and thereby partake in a discussion) about the stories posted on Review Community Theatre. You'll also be able to contribute articles about events and add events to the calendar.

There are two ways registered users can contribute event information to Review Community Theatre - and I'd suggest using both at the same time.

  1. submitting a story by using the "Contribute" link at the very top of the page, and
  2. submitting a calendar entry using the "Calendar" link at the very top-right of the page.

You should use both if you wish to promote information about a performance or about an audition.

If you saw a play and want to contribute a review please do so. This site is specifically set up so that reviews of Community Theater events can be posted for everyone to see. All reviews will be vetted prior to being made visible in order to minimise internet nasties. If your review is informative, helpful, and honest and not nasty then it almost certainly will be made visible for everyone to see.

Images for stories should be no wider than 300 pixels. How high the image should be depends on how long the story is. A short story means your image should be no higher than about 200 pixels.

The image size restrictions are:

  • Width: 500
  • Height: 700
  • Size: 200kb.

For the sake of uniformity of how information is presented please follow this general pattern:

For performances:
[Name of Play]
Written by [name of writer]
Performed by [name of theatre]
Directed by [name of director]
Location: [name of venue], [street address of venue]
Season: [dates and times of performances]

After this put the promotional blurb that you're sending out to people, or that you've got on your own theatre's website.

There are size restrictions on how big the artwork images can be, but you can have up to 5 separate images if your story is long enough to warrant that many images.

NOTE: images may be resized if they if they don't play nicely with other stories on Review Community Theatre. You'll find that most artwork still looks good even when much smaller than the maximum dimensions.

If you're a registered user and are having difficulties contributing to this site then email me at

Please include a contact phone number so that I can call you in order to assist. Or alternatively, email the contribution and I'll add it to the site. Include the artwork and all details including a link to your theatre's website so that the link can be added to the calendar.

I hope the above is helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll respond from there. I'll add to this "FAQ" if I find people are asking common questions. :-)

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